Contract: need to add more than 10.000 partners

Our French business has one Inventory Monitoring Contract for the Pharmacies in France --> one contract with 31.000 partners. Unfortunatley Veeva does not support this amount of contact partners properly. If they need to add furter partners, trigger shows "Too many DML rows: 10001" error message" when inactivating the contract. Solution to deactivate trigger temporarily is not very nice. We need a proper solution here.

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    Bastien Mauclaire 正式评论

    Hi Ursula!

    Glad to see that you are leveraging our Listing Contract functionality for your French affiliate. The trigger is in place to prevent having too many records that would max out the platform. Best practice is usually to create multiple contracts (ie. Platinum, Gold, Silver etc) in order to segment out the Account Partners into smaller groups.

    We would like to understand more about the process for you French affiliate. Let's connect and discuss this!

    Best regards