Event Member Sharing records trigger

A Veeva user X can be added as a team member in an Event to have a visibility on this event (X can see the event in the calendar and can manage participants if he has been granted for).

Once the user X is deactivated, a trigger deletes these sharing records. Upon reactivation however the records do not get recreated since being an Event Team Member is a customized process. We have to remove and add again the user X to the concerned event.

As we can have deactivation because of a long period of inactivity (holidays, disease...) the suggestion is not to delete the sharing records after a deactivation.

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    Dan Kallman 正式评论

    Hi Phillippe,


    I've tested this in my environment and have not had the same result. When I deactivate a user and then reactivate them, the EventShare records still exist. However, it's possible the sharing on your end was initiated via group membership or some other mechanism, which could lead to the removal of sharing records. If you are seeing the removal of sharing records for individual team members as a result of deactivating a user, please let me know and we will log a ticket with support to investigate further.

    The results of user deactivation are controlled by Salesforce. Here is a help article from Salesforce that goes over considerations around user deactivation: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=users_deactivate_considerations.htm&type=5.

    From a use case perspective, can you please help me understand the issue a bit more? If an employee is going on extended leave, would they still be on the teams of events that haven't occurred yet, or is your primary concern visibility to historic events? 



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    Philippe Remen

    For your information I created a ticket #440530 and the answer received by the support was a bit different of yours.

    In our company after a period of non login the user is automatically deactivated. But some good reasons as maternity or sick leave or even holidays can be the origin of non login. When we reactive the users we can have the issue explained in the ticket and in this post. The major issue is on the events already planned before deactivation and that haven't occurred yet but we also have a problem on the historic events visibility.

    It would be more than appreciated if someone could investigate deeper our configuration and solve this issue.


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    Dan Kallman

    Hi Phillippe,

    Thanks for the additional detail. I'll reach out to the support agent you worked with and we'll figure out exactly what is occurring.