To have Mobile Created Datetime field on Survey and its child objects

Currently we do not have Mobile created datetime field which makes impossible to know the actual created date of the offline records.

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    Sasha Grosman

    Hi Lalithashree,

    Thank you for taking the time to submit a product enhancement request on the community portal. We really appreciate feedback from the community.

    Context for readers: a Submitted DateTime can be stamped on Survey Targets (the feature has to be configured, see online doc here). The Submitted DateTime is stamped when the Survey Target is synced online.

    Once we release Auto-Sync, the time between a user submitting a Survey Target on a mobile device and getting the Submitted DateTime stamped will be relatively insignificant.

    This should solve for most cases. Would this approach satisfy your business needs? If not, can you help us understand why.

    Sasha grosman