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Full week cycle plan application Brian Ayres 0 条评论 0
Cycle plans on iRep Brian Ayres 2 条评论 0
New status "Not Done" for Call report in case of a call that is planned never be completed. Aqurance Support 3 条评论 3 Answered
Swap Signee Enhancement Vinnie Fernicola 2 条评论 0
Specialty field available in Scheduler, My Schedule and Account lists in iRep and Online Aqurance Support 2 条评论 0
Manually user entry of reaction in slides after CLM presentation is completed. Aqurance Support 3 条评论 0
After closing pdf files from links in slides, should return to originating slide not next or previous. Aqurance Support 2 条评论 0
Feature to display a slide before leaving the current slide/presentation veeva 1 条评论 0
Have a thumbnail picture option on Inventory Order Line items James Hemsley 0 条评论 0
Support OTC Sample or Promo item Inventory James Hemsley 0 条评论 0
CLM Action button should allow you to jump back to main presentation page James Hemsley 2 条评论 0
Have a Auto-Fill option for Delivery Date on Sample Order Inventory form James Hemsley 0 条评论 0
Remove the "state" field from the My Accounts page on the iRep jruiter 1 条评论 0
Please make the MySchedule calendar color-blind friendly James Hemsley 1 条评论 0
Cycle Plan Submit Button on the Detail Page jim.lukens 0 条评论 0
Dates shown on iRep Schedule Calls Brian Ayres 1 条评论 0
Login to iRep using the iPad keyboard's return key Jim Williams 1 条评论 0
Ability to Customize the iRep Icon, Login Page, and Background Brett Rubel 3 条评论 0
Message Prompt to synch iRep via Wifi when synching down large data-set Kristen Jarrett 2 条评论 0
search options for accounts by city and state jim.cocuzza 11 条评论 0
Submit multiple saved calls instead of one at a time Kristen Jarrett 0 条评论 0
Tasks on iRep k.kamm 7 条评论 4
New Account Wizard / Parent Account Wizard required field Zoltan Horvath 0 条评论 0
Follow-up Name on Individual Call k.kamm 1 条评论 1
Improve Swap Signee Functionality Kristen Jarrett 1 条评论 0
Multi-sorting in Veeva and Salesforce Salem Hararah 0 条评论 0
Automatically remove sample lot from inventory when quantity reaches zero Jim Williams 3 条评论 0
Request for the "Today" view to be put back into "My Schedule" Kristen Jarrett 3 条评论 0
iRep - New Feature request - Dynamic slide view logging Pharmiweb 1 条评论 0
iRep - New Feature request - Swipe Pharmiweb 4 条评论 0