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Freeze headers on cycle plan while scrolling Bernard Verhoeven 0 条评论 0
Choose from all products during call reporting, not just from my setup Bernard Verhoeven 0 条评论 0
Mass update cycle plan Bernard Verhoeven 0 条评论 0
Allow Multi-Select Picklists on Call Report page k.kamm 0 条评论 3
Create custom Roles on Afiliation / Sphere of Influence jruiter 0 条评论 0
Add optional fields to the account creation page Jim Williams 0 条评论 0
Full week cycle plan application Brian Ayres 0 条评论 0
Have a thumbnail picture option on Inventory Order Line items James Hemsley 0 条评论 0
Support OTC Sample or Promo item Inventory James Hemsley 0 条评论 0
Have a Auto-Fill option for Delivery Date on Sample Order Inventory form James Hemsley 0 条评论 0
Cycle Plan Submit Button on the Detail Page jim.lukens 0 条评论 0
Submit multiple saved calls instead of one at a time Kristen Jarrett 0 条评论 0
New Account Wizard / Parent Account Wizard required field Zoltan Horvath 0 条评论 0
Multi-sorting in Veeva and Salesforce Salem Hararah 0 条评论 0
Ability to Order Sample Product Picklist Values Brett Rubel 0 条评论 0
License Management Tool for customers with multiple orgs David Wright 0 条评论 0
Order Date Validation neeraj.bommakanty 0 条评论 0
OM: Pull-in fields for Order Line Stephen Brown 0 条评论 0
Creating an Interaction from the order neeraj.bommakanty 0 条评论 0
Group Calendar - Controlling Visible Users k.kamm 0 条评论 1
Permission to create public My Accounts Views k.kamm 0 条评论 2
Make updating easier for admins Andrew Hagan 0 条评论 0
iRep Account Summary Should notifiy User of Expired Password Cindy DiNitto 0 条评论 0
Divisions and Territories Omar Villasmil 0 条评论 0
Sandbox Warning on iRep Brian Longo 0 条评论 0