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Assistive Madhu Navuluri 2 条评论 0 Answered
User Signature in Approved email template Deepika Periaswamy 2 条评论 0 Answered
text box in sent email object Carlos Pascual 2 条评论 0 Answered
Decoupled DCRs Guy Galardi 3 条评论 0 In Progress
Events Management: Speaker choice priority Steve Rodrigues 0 条评论 0
Event Lists Minesh Patel 6 条评论 0 Under Consideration
Increase Territory for Brick-to-Terr Sunny Tran 1 条评论 0 Answered
Capture Product Metric in Call Details Sunny Tran 6 条评论 6 Under Consideration
Feature to push suggestion to Veeva with the futuristic posted date John Damon 2 条评论 0 In Progress
Capture entire Email Claire Broomfield 1 条评论 2 Under Consideration
Provide ability to hide Survey Targets tab when using Advanced Coaching Reports Steve Rodrigues 2 条评论 1 Answered
Advanced Coaching Reports Start/End Dates Confuse Users Steve Rodrigues 1 条评论 0 Answered
Select the hospital not under the user's territory when create DCR BMS China Support 0 条评论 0
Edit attendees on call after Engage session Darran White 2 条评论 0 Answered
Manage Attendees Search Account Result column Jana Seketova 3 条评论 0 Answered
Vertical Alignment of CLM Slides Celgene Hemonc 1 条评论 0 Under Consideration
Disclaimer/legal text requires scrolling on sign-in page Rixey Booth 1 条评论 0 Under Consideration
In a CoBrowse call the Audio is still on even when paused by the Host Varun Singh 1 条评论 0 Answered
Formulary S-Control Benefit Design dropdown enhancement Harsha BR 2 条评论 0 In Progress
Engage default off video setting Darran White 1 条评论 0 Under Consideration
Approved WeChat MESSAGE LIMIT issue xiangzhong zhang 2 条评论 0 Under Consideration
Approved Email Search SRVCNVEEVA 1 条评论 0 Answered
Followup eMail sending - Only Active eMail address Philippe Remen 0 条评论 0
Picklist to find products offline more easily Sebastian Lehnhoff 1 条评论 0 Answered
Color change for Business Accounts in View hierarchy. Harsha BR 0 条评论 0
Profile Photo Resolution Yun Seong 1 条评论 0 In Progress
Bounce Email System Behavior Janice Fernandes 1 条评论 0 Answered
Allow zero quantity on materials dropped Jazz Pharma 1 条评论 0
Call Clickstream information marker field in Call Report Viseven Veeva Support 1 条评论 0 Under Consideration
Product Metrics Updated from Call Report James Oldbury 0 条评论 3