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Can we filter / restrict what CLM are available in the Favorites and Recents sections? Jazz Pharma 2 条评论 0 Answered
Event Member Sharing records trigger Philippe Remen 3 条评论 0 Answered
Character Count for Medical Insight Description Field Angela Whitehill 1 条评论 0
Contract: need to add more than 10.000 partners Ursula Hillenbrand 1 条评论 0 Answered
Allow validate on save/submit to not force a sample limit transaction to be generated Darran White 0 条评论 0
Is there a way to add a task offline without having to do it on an unsubmitted call? Ginger Mitchell 0 条评论 0
Customize Account Plan List view in iRep. Peter Lim 1 条评论 1 Under Consideration
Organization Account All Attendee Option for Events Simon Yeung 3 条评论 0 Under Consideration
Permit Re-ordering of Media List View Angela Whitehill 0 条评论 0
MCCP Calculation should happen based on Call owner and Cycle plan owner. Lokesh A 1 条评论 0 Answered
Add Likert/Rating Scale option to Survey functionality Steve Rodrigues 1 条评论 0 Under Consideration
Allow Medical Inquiry offline delete Alankar Pote 0 条评论 0
Allow for the removal of "Members/Members Of" accounts in iRep Simon Yeung 0 条评论 0
Filter Surveys by presentation Maquetting 1 条评论 0 In Progress
Users should not be able to convert saved Calls to planned Calls Marius G. 0 条评论 0
Re-ordering of tabs on the homepage Phillippa C Scott 0 条评论 1
Suspend function for pending DCR changes Simon Yeung 0 条评论 0
Hep Text in Account Wizard Subhabrata Chatterjee 0 条评论 0
User Fill Name on IPad homePage M. Alamer 0 条评论 1
Fix Column width on My Setup page Slava Mrvova 0 条评论 15
Direct presentation opening without seeing all thumbnails Pharmiweb 1 条评论 0 Answered
Dynamic Product Logos for Sampling Will Allbright 0 条评论 2
Custom Field for Phone displaying in the Classic View on iPad Yun Seong 0 条评论 0
Engage meeting online CLM player Sampath Kumar 1 条评论 0 Under Consideration
Open Activities and Approval History related list offline Laurent Doppler 1 条评论 1
CRM - My Accounts - Scheduler should be able to save calls on Saturday EVER CRM Admin (Stefan Thaler) 0 条评论 0
Synchronisation request running for too long Laurent Doppler 0 条评论 0
Scheduler - colour base on type of activity Jana Seketova 0 条评论 0
Select Product detailing for attendees in Group calls in the CRM for iPhone app BAU Service 0 条评论 0
Global Account Search Manasi Panchal 1 条评论 0 Answered