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Community Guidelines Mary P 0 条评论 0
My Schedule Event Colors customization Lukas Nano 15 条评论 19 Implemented
Fix Column width on My Setup page Slava Mrvova 0 条评论 15
Need Swap on Sunrise Tabs Suresh Yeddala 3 条评论 12 Under Consideration
Users cannot see the difference in HCP’s initial Consent colors on iPads Lukas Nano 3 条评论 11 In Progress
Size of the Column on OCCP Page Layout Martin Kopecky 3 条评论 10 Answered
Media CLM Search logic Peter Novak 6 条评论 10 Under Consideration
{{AddToCalendar}} token available for Medical Event Juraj Kopecky 1 条评论 9 Under Consideration
Dates within the Product Metrics. Norman Gerber 3 条评论 9
MyInsights - support custom objects for method newRecord Martin Kopecky 3 条评论 8 In Progress
My schedule mandatory List Views removal from iRep Juraj Sarkisjan 1 条评论 8 In Progress
Unsubscribe Page Martin Kopecky 4 条评论 8 In Progress
Capture Product Metric in Call Details Sunny Tran 7 条评论 7 Under Consideration
Allow linking a Call retrospectively to an Account Plan Kristin Kamm 2 条评论 7 Answered
Increase Space for Product Logos on Signature Screen Sammy Wachholz 4 条评论 6 Under Consideration
Cycle Plan Real Time Calculation for locked records Norman Gerber 1 条评论 6
iRep app "Login as" for Local Admins Matus Orban 4 条评论 5
Visually distinguish between no consent given yet versus active opt-out Gregory Van Keirsbilck 4 条评论 5 Under Consideration
Add custom objects and its fields in My Account View filter criteria and Columns display Avinash Halagatti 3 条评论 5 In Progress
iPad Veeva CRM offline usage for users with too many accounts Guy Galardi 1 条评论 5
Improvement for Upload of Base64 encoded User Detail Photos needed Norman Gerber 2 条评论 5
Veeva Medical: Can we make Medical Discussion required on Call (Person/Business) Sandip Kathiriya 2 条评论 5 Answered
Multiple Products for CRM Amanda Morris 1 条评论 5 Answered
Submit Cycle Plans in bulk Thomas Van Couter 0 条评论 5
Medical Discussion record type sorting Gabor Papai 1 条评论 4 Answered
Product Metrics Updated from Call Report James Oldbury 1 条评论 4
MCCP iPad Homepage Widget (Gauge) Khaled Fawzi 3 条评论 4 Answered
Allow CLM Presentation Grouping on Tile View Kevin Brown 6 条评论 4 Under Consideration
Cycle Plan Multiple HCP selection Aram Bosnakyan 0 条评论 4
Allow Veeva Enhanced lookups to support the $Source variable reference George Schneible 1 条评论 4 Answered